The Idaho City Historical Foundation, Inc. is dedicated to the preservation, restoration, and interpretation of the Boise Basin of Idaho as a historical area for present and future generations.


Since 1958, the Idaho City Historical Foundations has been preserving and restoring historic buildings in the Boise Basin for the public’s enjoyment. The foundation manages and cares for several buildings and parks, many can be viewed by the public at any time.  The Boise Basin Museum is also open to the public seasonally. Tour the museum and surrounding properties for a first-hand look at the early days of Idaho.

What We Do

The Idaho City Historical Foundation manages and cares for several properties in the Boise Basin region. These properties hold historical value not just for Idaho City, but for the shaping of the Pacific Northwest and Idaho.  In addition to preserving the properties, ICHF makes historical properties and materials available for research into the region’s historic past. 

ICHF maintains several museums, showing not just artifacts but a glimpse into the past. These museums allow an understanding of what it was to live during the Idaho Gold Rush, and the factors that shaped the development of the region and Idaho.

The Idaho City Historical Foundation goes beyond simply restoring and preserving properties by making the history of the region available to the public and researchers. The foundation continually undertakes projects, such as the creation of the Mining History Trail, to make more of the history publicly available.

As a non-profit entity, ICHF relies on contributions from the public to support its ongoing work. Please consider making a donation our volunteering to help during projects. ICHF is a fully volunteer organization with no staff, 100% of donations are used for projects and operational costs.