A Purpose & a Mission

Idaho City Historical Foundation is a nonprofit 501C(3) dedicated to preserving, restoring, and interpreting the history and heritage of the Boise Basin and Idaho.

We are a fully volunteer organization dedicated to our mission, working with local government, private owners, and universities. Founded on September 4th of 1958, the first project was the restoration of the historic Idaho City Post Office.  The post office now serves as Boise Basin Museum, with the building being as historic as what it contains. Our work has continued through the decades, expanding the properties we care for and the understanding of early Idaho.

Preserving Idaho's Past

The Idaho City Historical Foundation has collected multiple properties within Idaho City. Many historic buildings have been acquired and relocated to a safe and convenient location for continued enjoyment. The foundation partners with the city in preserving the historic nature of Idaho City itself. ICHF also cares for many artifacts from the history of the region. From personal items to large mining equipment, historic artifacts from the 1800’s are available for view throughout many of our properties.

Restoring the Past

The first restoration done by the foundation was the Idaho City Post Office, an important part of the history of westward migration and the growth of Idaho. A more recent restoration is the Pom Yam house, which originally served as both a store and the residence of Pom Yam. The restoration of properties and artifacts help ensure we maintain the history of Idaho.

Interpretation and Presentation

The Boise Basin boomed in the days of the wild west. With most individuals concerned with survival and gold, much of the history has been obfuscated by time. The Idaho City Historical Foundation strives to uncover and make this history available to researchers and the public. The museum is open seasonally, with many locations able to be viewed any time.