Your membership in the Idaho City Historical Foundation is a vital part of the our work. Buildings need repairing, parks need maintaining, photos need digitizing and museums need to be staffed.  And grants need matching funds.  All of this is made possible by your membership and donation.  Join us and help keep history relevant.  And you get free admission to the museum when you present your membership card.

Annual Membership Dues


Want to get hands on with history?  Volunteer!  

Sign up for the Docents Program and help staff the Pon Yam House and the Kenn Smith Wildfire  weekends this summer.. We’ll provide the training if you can give one or two days a month.

Join a Spring Cleanup Day or pitch in at one of our fundraisers or help with a special maintenance project. 

If you are willing, we’d love to have you.  Call 208-392-4550 or email president@idahocityhf.org