Brogan & Naylor Parks

Brogan Park is owned by the Idaho City Historical Foundation and is dedicated to John Brogan, a founding member and long serving president of ICHF. It has a small stage and is home to several mining artifacts including an ore cart and a boiler engine that are part of the Mining History Trail. Naylor Park was donated it to the Idaho City Historical Foundation in 1973 by Highland Land and Livestock Company. It houses a portion of the Mining History Trail. The parks house the Idaho City Firehouse, originally on the hill above town, a location that gave firemen and the hose truck a good running start to a fire.

The Brogan & Naylor Parks are the largest park venue in Idaho City. It is used for recreation as well as a venue for events, large get togethers, weddings etc. If you are interested in reserving the park for an event, please contact us. The park is available on a first come first serve basis.

The park is also host to a collection of equipment from Idaho City’s historic past. The park houses a stamp mill, which was used be miners to crush rocks so that gold could be extracted. A boiler engine rests in the park. You may be familiar with the steam locomotive, boiler engines were also used to power other machines. A steam powered stamp mill may also be called a “steam stamp mill”.